Main features of the FluksAqua dashboards

Reporting and analytics that are accurate and easy to use because they're created by and for water and wastewater operators

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Multi-user access from any terminal via standard Internet browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, etc.), with management authorization differentiated according to the user (administrator, configuration programmer, operators, read-only, etc.), controlled using an integrated console


Even if your SCADA systems are heterogeneous, we ensure that data from each of your sources is collected and standardized. This gives you an overview of your utility without having to invest in new SCADA devices.


Web interface issued in "Software as a Service" mode with all-inclusive subscriptions: commissioning, user support, regular updates without interruption of service, and interfacing with data sources as well as management of data collection, processing and storage. This means you avoid hidden costs associated with hardware, software and time.

Mobile use

Dashboards are designed for smartphone or tablet, with data display specifically tailored to the size of the screen (responsive design or dedicated App).

Summary reports

Summary pages provide a prioritized view of performance indicators and alert you to facilities or equipment experiencing performance issues. Pages include table and map views.

Automated reporting

Operating data collection and processing, dashboard content, and regulatory reports are fully automated.

Online data logging

Data loggers can be kept for each facility, with timestamp and digital signature.

Performance alerts

Performance thresholds can be set for each facility to alert users to deviations.

Anomaly correction

Audit trail of KPI shows the measurements used as calculation variables; ability to correct data with annotations and full traceability (timestamp and signature);  traceability of operator comments (interpreting curves, events, etc.)

Data security

Data storage for unlimited period in an ISO 27018-compliant storage solution, data encryption in accordance with the highest standards in the industry, and file durability of at least 99.999999999%

Continual improvement

Users are always up to date with the latest regulatory developments and best practices: dashboard evolution is agile, integrating user feedback on a weekly basis.

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From $30 per dashboard depending on your facilities
"What's great about the software is that one person inputs their knowledge and everyone benefits. Before, when someone was on holiday, nobody could follow up."
Leak Detection Technician
"The connection is simple; the access, easy. I track it on my smartphone when I don't have a PC, so we respond faster, and that is a big advantage: I spend half as much time on the data."
Leak Detection Technician
"The application is not fixed; it's changing and improving all the time."
Leak Detection Technician
"I also really like the fact that the tools are constantly evolving, taking into account what users say, and that is rare."
Pierre Jean
"It's trouble free; I use it every morning at the office"
Jean Philippe
Operations Manager